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Cookies Policy

In this website (hereinafter, the “Website”) we use cookies to improve your user experience and allow the publication of news and messages on our social networks.

If you accept the button that appears in the lower notice of this Website about our cookies policy, we understand that you consent to the use of cookies under the conditions provided in this Cookies Policy. Since it can be updated periodically, we suggest you check it regularly.

What are cookies?

Cookies are text files that the Internet server sends to the device with which you connect to this Website, and that allow us to know, for the purpose of improving the service and adapting it to your preferences. Cookies are only associated with your browser and do not provide personal data by themselves. Cookies cannot damage your device and they are also very useful, as they help us identify and resolve errors.

What type of cookies do we use on our website?

Next, the cookies we use on this Website are identified, as well as their type and function:

Cookie: wordpress_ * Type: Session. Duration: Until closing the browser. Description: It is the cookie necessary for the operation of the website and that records the parameters of the start of an SSL session, such as date, time and public IP, without collecting user information.

Cookie: wp-settings- * Type: Session. Duration: Until closing the browser. Description: This cookie is intended to identify the blog entries you have visited. They do not store personal information and it is purely technical.

Cookie: viewed_cookie_policy Type: Functional. Duration: 24 hours. Description: This cookie is intended to determine whether or not the visitor has accepted the cookie policy. It does not collect personal information, and ends when the browser is closed.

Links to social networks

This Website also includes buttons that users can use, simply and intuitively, to link and share certain contents of this Website with social networks such as Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin. This functionality does not involve the use of cookies on our portal, as they link directly to the web pages of these social networks.

Acceptance of the Cookies policy

We show information about our Cookies Policy at the bottom of any page of this Website with each first access.

Given this information you can perform the following actions:

To accept. This notice will not be displayed again when accessing any page of the portal during this session.

Not to accept. Since this Website configuration requires the use of cookies, you may experience limited functionalities. This notice will continue to show as long as you do not accept.

Modify your settings. You can get more information about what cookies are and modify your browsing settings. But this will not prevent the warning about cookies from being displayed when accessing new portal pages. To know how to modify cookies, consult your browser’s help guide.

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